Refresh yourself with our
Loose Leaf Teas
Darjeeling English Breakfast Earl Grey Apricot Apple Mango Orange Chocolate Rooibos Chai (D) Marsala Chai (D) Strawberry Kiwi (D) Lavender Camomile (D)
Tropical Green Shangrila Green Organic Green Ginger Peach Mint Green Tea Cinnamon Apple (D) Dreamsicle (D) Raspberry (D) Orange Delight (D)
(D) Decaffeinated
Iced Teas $2.95
       Regular,Cha(D), Tropical Green, Dreamsicle(D), Apricot, Raspberry(D),  Cinnamon Apple(D), Shangrila, Apple Mango, Ginger Peach
Hot Tea
Half Pot $3.25 Perfect just for you Full Teapot $4.95 Serves 2-3 Friends
From the Fridge
Regular  or Decaf $2.35 French Vanilla $2.50 Hazelnut  $2.50
Our deepest desire  is that each heart that visits us is refreshed and encouraged by the sweet Spirit that our shop represents.                                                                                            Barb & Staff
Pepsi, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper & Sprite $2.35 Apple Juice $2.50 Milk $1.95