Children's Tea Party
We can serve up to 25 guests during our business hours with a reservation.  We recommend making an after hours reservation for up to 45 guests
$16.50 pp (Plus tax & 20% Gratuity) Apple Juice, Sprite or Lemonade Cheese & Crackers  Fruit Sticks Tea Sandwiches PB & J, Turkey & Cheese, Ham & Cheese, or Cream Cheese & Jelly Decorate Cupcakes (Accompanying adults refreshments are extra) Children’s Dessert Tea $10.75 pp (Plus tax & 20% Gratuity) Includes Drinks & Cupcakes
The week before your party we will need an approximate number of guests. We will need a firm number of guests 24 hours before your party. This is the number you will be charged for and we will prepare for. (we can add unexpected guests) Let us know if you have special needs or requests for you or your guests.